Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lost and Found!

I haven't been as up to date on this blog as I had first anticipated. I have felt that as my boys have grown and outgrown the "baby sign language", I really wouldn't have anything substantial to say. I have been limiting myself to just "baby sign language" even though both my boys are verbal (and boy...are they ever!) they are still very much interested in learning sign language. My boys have great interest in books and when we read books they repeatedly ask me what the signs are for the words and letters.

I have also decided that if I am going to keep up to date with this blog I will also blog about non-signing related things. I hope this is okay. Hopefully, I can still keep it child related, mommy related, and caregiver related.

Having said that, I just found some long, lost videos (but very short clips) of my younger boy signing! Hooray! I've posted them on my youtube channel, weehandswithmj, if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, I had a lot more videos that I had yet to upload that were on my precious precious and stolen blackberry. =( This is a lesson for me to ALWAYS BACK UP my data!!

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