Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Valentine Gift Ever!

Everyone says "a diamond is a girl's best friend", but I'm not really one for diamonds or flashy things.  I understand now why my own mother always wanted homemade things.  This really tugged at my heart strings!  It looks pretty simple to make, too!  So, if anyone's looking to make a home made gift for next year's Valentine's Day or as an "any occasion" gift, this could be one of those ideas.

Materials needed:

1 doily
2 different coloured construction Paper (colours of your choice)
Jewels or Decorations that you can buy at any craft store
Pencil or pen (to be used to curl the fingers with)
Crayons, markers, pencil crayons or pen to write a note
and....a hand. =)

1. Cut out a hand shape tracing a hand.
2. Curl  the ring finger and middle finger forward of the hand just cut out using the pen/cil. 
3. Glue the fingers down near the palm to create the "I Love You" ASL sign.
4. Cut out a heart one the alternate construction paper.
4. Glue the hand onto the heart.
5. Glue the heart onto the doily.
6. Glue jewels or other decoration.
7. Write a note.

Optional:  You can punch a hole and put a string through it to be put on a door handle or hung up.

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